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Both watching and playing. I’m the one that admire both Federer and Nadal, yet clay courts and Rafa’s crazy spinning style I love a little more.


I created my first website at the age of 11. I was into HTML at that moment so I made a web-site about Juventus.  Since then a lot of things have changed but my passion for a good design is still here.

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The first band I heard when I was only 4 – was the Queen. Nice choice, ha? Since then I’ve listened literally to a ton of music. Now I have 2k artists, 3k albums and about 20k songs in my iTunes.

I remember my first tape and CD-player, iRiver, iPod shuffle and then finally iPod Video where you had to press the central button in order to add song to the On-The-Go playlist. Remember that?

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I always had such a strange taste – how could you in a right mind love Shakespeare, Bulgakov, Murakami, Vonnegut, Shaw and others all at once? But all of them certainly formed my being and truly influenced my mind.

Especially when I read almost everything from Shakespeare at the age of 13 and was inspired by the 16th century notions of love and honor that I naively internalized. And I have to admit I’m ‘still there’. At the age of 17 I began to write by myself.

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The educational system where I’m from unfortunately is so much to be desired, so I have to catch up until now, and I think it’s even better, now I can approach anything that matters to me much more consciously.

So I educate myself constantly buying courses and watching some crazy videos but I also try to educate others as well.

Jewish history

Until 2012 I had no clue at all that I have some connection to the Land and State of Israel and that I can move here. I only found it out when I landed here for the first time on my Taglit trip. I have to say that I was born in an absolutely jewish family almost without tradition though. And that what Soviet Union and the whole 20th century has done to us as jews. For me it’s a tragic mistake. Everything we’ve been keeping so carefully for generations was almost ruined by less than a century.

It took 2 years more to realize that everything I learned in the school, the culture I live in, the literature and values I was I raised on – have nothing to do with the real me, with my true culture and history that we just forgot.

Now it may sound too pretentious – but I really feel a strong mission to rebuild it from scratch in my family, to revive the culture, the tradition, the history. That’s why since 2012 I actively work in informal jewish education, that’s why I came home to Israel, that’s why I’m so crazy about our history, and damn it’s so exciting!


Especially Milan. I have no right words to express it. You either feel it or not. I definitely do. It worth to try an Italian lifestyle to love it. But it’s not so obvious as it seems to be, it’s hardly tangible – it’s all in details.


9th of March 2002 – I was only 9 years old when I saw the first match. The score was 2-2 but I completely fell in love with this team particularly and Italian football in general. And I don’t know why, but I desperately love ‘Catenaccio’ and seriously think that it’s a true art of football.

I think two players that I loved football because of are likely Buffon and Del Piero. You cannot argue – they are the greatest. And I’m so grateful to them for this pure passion.

I can remind more, but I’d like to sum up with this two:


I’m that abnormal Tel Avivi that truly loves our eternal and never forgotten capital. And yes I’m very glad to every coming reason to go there.

I dream that in near future we will stop being ‘A State of Tel Aviv’ and inhabitants will return a descent love, respect and everlasting desire for Jerusalem as we all had once.